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Project SHELL is an interactive VR project exploring South Florida's stunning land, surf, and undersea environments from the unique perspective of sea turtles. The Project aims to engage audiences in a perspective almost exclusively available to deep sea divers and scientific researchers.

As audiences amphibiously explore a multitude of breathtaking encounters, they run the gamut of the sea turtle living experience, from the harrowing journeys of newborn hatchlings, to the captivating flights of mature turtles across undersea-scapes. Audiences will be able to experience the staggering beauty and the disturbing threats to these animals and environments first hand.


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Yellow Wood partnered with the New World Symphony (NWS) to produce a 360 video installation for the premiere of Miami In Movements, a work crowdsourced by NWS's Project 305 initiative, with music composed by Ted Hearne and an accompanying film by Jonathan David Kane.

Aiming to capture a glimpse of life and culture in these iconic Miami neighborhoods, this immersive video installment premiered as an immersive video installation on Oct. 21st, 2017 at the New World Symphony.



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KING TIDE is an immersive, 360° short documentary highlighting the daily effects of climate change currently on full display in Miami Beach, FL.

While 44% of Americans describe themselves as "unworried about global warming", the local residents and officials of this top US tourist destination continue to struggle with the overwhelmingly destructive effects of sea level rise.


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The Immersive Disaster Effects Application (I.D.E.A.) is an award-winning media-tech project allowing users, first-responders, and community organizations an immersive view of the effects of natural disasters by previewing projection specs in a highly-developed, geo-accurate VR simulation.

Still in alpha stage, the project was awarded the National Association of Broadcasting’s PILOT Innovator Award in 2019. The project continues to expand it’s alpha-stage testing, aiming to produce a beta prototype for public consumption by Fall 2020.


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