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KING TIDE is an immersive, 360° short documentary highlighting the daily effects of climate change currently on full display in Miami Beach, FL.

While 44% of Americans describe themselves as "unworried about global warming", the local residents and officials of this top US tourist destination continue to struggle with the overwhelmingly destructive effects of sea level rise.

This project is made possible in part with the generous support of...

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Yellow Wood partnered with the New World Symphony (NWS) to produce a 360 video installation for the premiere of Miami In Movements, a work crowdsourced by NWS's Project 305 initiative, with music composed by Ted Hearne and an accompanying film by Jonathan David Kane.

Aiming to capture a glimpse of life and culture in these iconic Miami neighborhoods, this immersive video installment premiered as an immersive video installation on Oct. 21st, 2017 at the New World Symphony.

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PROJECT ALASKA is a Virtual Reality and 360 video project exploring the land and people of a small Alaskan village possibly home to the first American "climate refugees" displaced by Global Climate Change.

This project seeks to detail the human challenges and struggles presented by Global Climate change; contrasting the ongoing situation on the ground with mainstream media portrayals and popular notions of the effects of Global Climate Change.

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VIVO VENEZUELA is a 360 immersive video documentary covering everyday life in the capital city of Caracas and the surrounding countryside amidst the most harrowing economic and political crisis in the country's history.

This immersive documentary aims to explore daily life in urban and rural Venezuela, touring the country's diverse landscapes and rich culture, while surveying the political and economic realities currently tearing the country apart.

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