PROJECT 305 - Immersive Installation

Yellow Wood partnered with the New World Symphony (NWS) to produce a 360 video installation for the premiere of Miami In Movements, a work crowdsourced by NWS's Project 305 initiative, with music composed by Ted Hearne and an accompanying film by Jonathan David Kane

Yellow Wood worked in conjunction with immersive video artist Jared Jacobs to accomplish this immersive project. Aiming to capture a glimpse of life and culture in these iconic Miami neighborhoods, this immersive video installment premiered as an immersive video installation on Oct. 21st, 2017 at the New World Symphony. Installation visitors numbered in the hundreds as the event attracted over 500 guests. This video installation is meant to be presented alongside Miami A Mi, Mi Amor, a poem by Sandeep Varry.


The 360 videos are best viewed using the YouTube app for iOS/iPhones.




Miami A Mi, Mi Amor.

by: Sandeep Varry


I was feared and forbidden,
When my beloved mother found me.
Harboring swamps with crawling beasts and bloodsuckers,
I was neither traversed nor desired,
Even as my light shone over the deep waters.

Brownsville/Liberty City

I know you didn't see me till you saw me on TV,
I birthed the Hurricanes who held the trophy for you.
Roll down the window of your tinted white car,
Look at the King & The Unity Flag, on my wall,
Remember that's the good wall! I have a shameful one too.


I see you, but not as clear as I see my perpetual progress,
I hear you, but not loud as the engines I crank all day.
Que Bola, amigo? Have you lost your way?
Don't worry, while you're here, come play in my lluvia,
Get dirty in my fango! And maybe, find a factoria that can fix you.


Sak Pase, you ask me in passing
I want to answer, but first, I want to offer:
Colorful taste of my island dressed as Pikliz,
Holding the fire of Piman Bouk, same as I hold in my eyes,
Bannann as sweet as the kreyòl you hear me speak.


El Barrio before anything else,
Neither young, hip, or artsy, as you desire me now.
Look up, look sideways and definitely look down,
Take a picture of my ever-changing, colorful, faces,
Grab a coffee or a beer, sit, talk to me, tell me about your day.


Historic! Historic to you, am I?
Will you stop to confess under the bells of my churches?
Will you take time to watch a play?
Stay with me, I want to tell you a story,
From a time when I was painted in the beautiful shade of black.

Miami Waterways

A river flows silently through me,
Hidden under the bridges between the concrete banks.
I'm home to many and home to many without,
I've managed to hold all the lights in me!

The Grove

Old and Green you'll still find me, as they did,
When they asked me to hold their mansions.
Roads and parks to walk, foods to taste, boats to sail,
I offer something to you with both my hand.

You've managed to come this far South
Come a little further.
When you're tired of watching the fast cars move,
Pick a little fruit and I'll make you a little drink,
While you walk the soil where the seeds took life.

Little Havana/Calle Ocho

Vast are the memories I hold of homes left behind,
And the colors and tunes and flavors that escaped with me.
Stars here shine on the street as you walk, and
When you listen carefully to shuffling dominoes,
They'll tell you that they've made it home.